Continuing Education Support, LLC.

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Your enrollment growth is our priority. Too often schools invest heavily in marketing efforts only to have those efforts lost in the activities between inquiry and admittance. The entire process of enrollment can be overwhelming both to the school and prospective students. Some of the most common concerns are:  Do the prospective students meet the admissions criteria? Are they still interested to follow through after all the information they’re provided? Have they completed all of their prerequisites? Did they successfully fill-out the paperwork and submit their application?

Our system addresses these questions and provides a constant stream of successful new enrollees month-in, month out through:

  • Market research to find the qualified niche market.
  • Building the interest of prospective students and keeping it high from first contact to full admission thru marketing campaigns and constant communication that complements your school’s programs.
  • School and program selection, and detailed curriculum advice.

  • Step by step guidance through scholarship grants (if necessary),  and connecting the scholarship body to your admission department.
  • Enrollment application review for all school requirements and the final submission until successful completion.

Dedicated Enrollment Advisors

Our Enrollment Advisors work on behalf of your college or university to field all inbound telephone and web inquiries. These advisors are trusted intermediaries who work with students to understand their goals and motivation for furthering their education. Our advisors take a consultative approach and follow detailed communication guidelines from first contact with prospective students to admittance. Enrollment Advisors help students with everything they need during the application process, and are responsible for following university processes at all times.